Do you ever sit and wonder over all you've known and loved?

And wonder to yourself if they sit and wonder too?

Where do Wonders go after wandering through your life?

What do Wonders do . . . without you?


Do they wander in and out of others who wonder where they've been and gone?

Or do they wander in to others and never wander on?

And if they never wander do they ever wonder why?

What do Wonders do . . . without you?


And where do you a Wonder too, go when all the wonders gone?

Do you wonder if itís worth the try to hope and wander on?

And if you wander will you find the wonders you once knew?

In hopeful Wonders wandering . . . without you?


Or do you wonder if you wander on no longer too?

For somewhere someone more than likely will wander into you.

And when a Wonder wanders in and never wanders on

What will wandering Wonders do . . . without you?


By Just Me




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