Be A Tigger Too!

I wanna be a tigger
So bouncy and so free
I wanna tigger all my thoughts
And be okay with me

I wanna have a tigger grin
And lithp like tiggers do
I wanna have a tigger laugh
And laugh all day with you

I wanna roll on tigger stripes
And do a tigger yummy
I wanna scratch with tigger paws
My tigger happy tummy

And have you ever really seen
Through teeny tigger eyes?
I wanna see a tigger morn
And tiggerme sunrise

Oh how I wanna bounce and be
A tigger just like you
I wanna have a tigger heart
And be a tigger too!

Tigger me,
Tigger me,

~ Just Me ~
Eeee I'm getting dizzy!



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Just Me

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