Gentle Eyes

With gentle eyes of love I look down upon your sleeping soul, adrift in a world of dreams. Oh, how I wish I could be in your world with you . . .

Where laughter and sweet love would be the norm. Where wishes are no longer wishes for they exist as reality. Where freedom is openly explored in all possible ways and shared as it was meant to be shared. Where sweet walks are taken along sandy shores with the constant power of the surf hammering upon our souls.

A world where boxes no longer exist. Where two hearts can live as one. Where questions are no longer necessary for answers are all we know. Where distance is not a measurement and space is not a lonely place. Where time no longer passes and moments are here to stay.

Where bodies can just be and join in times of need. Where thoughts are welcomed into life to live, exist and breathe. Where what we see is what we love and what we hear is true. And what we say is what we mean and what we aim to do.

A world as this you live in now within your sleeping soul. Oh, how I wish I could be in your world with you.


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Just Me

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